Wilderness Meets Wellness Contest!



Cruising Lake of the Woods on 68′ houseboat with Houseboat Adventures

To thank our amazing guests for taking a trip with Houseboat Adventures Inc. (“HBA Inc.”) on beautiful Lake of the Woods AND introduce YOU our potential guest to our Houseboat company.

This is YOUR chance to win a 3 or 4 day houseboat vacation on our 44′ houseboat in 2018!

Have you ever wanted to become a healthier version of yourself, but your busy life hasn’t allowed you to balance both diet and exercise?  Maybe you want to get “bathing suit-ready” before your winter vacation, wedding or special event, replace your energy drink with a healthy alternative, boost your immune system or simply feel healthier. We have 8 products for you to choose, including the newest for our furry friends.

HOW DO I ENTER – simple – watch our 4-minute opportunity video. Yes, that’s it.

STEP 1 – I have read and accept CONTEST RULES – PDF LINK

STEP 2 – ENTER CONTEST: http://www.valentustour.com/LoseWeight. This link will take you to our business video page “Take the Free Tour now”. Provide your name, email and phone number and WATCH. Yes that’s it. We will contact you to confirm you have been entered. If you want all the details, please keep reading below.

OR go to YOUR Valentus Independent Representative’s website, who has shared this opportunity with you – http://www.valentustour.com/your reps user name. The Representative must be a Representative under Jeff and Lorelie Gordon / loseweight.Valentus.com

1) Enter a valid name, email address and phone number in the section under “Take Free Tour Now” click “Let Me In” which shows the contest entrant our 4:40-minute video on our Valentus website.

The Contest Entrant is enrolled for a free position in the Valentus system so that they can experience the power of the Valentus system, should they choose to join Valentus as an Independent Representative.

The Entrant can unsubscribe to the system-generated emails at any time. There is NO obligation to purchase products.

3)    The Entrant’s name is then logged with the Valentus system for us. We will then register the name into our Contest.

4)    The Entrant (Valentus Pre-Enrollee) will receive email notification, and Valentus will also notify us, or our Independent Representative “(IR”), that they have “Taken the Tour”. We will then follow up with the individual by calling them to let them know their name has been entered in the Contest.

5)    We will also take the opportunity to answer any Valentus-related questions.

Yes, we do require entrant’s valid name, email and phone number, and yes we will follow up with you. Valentus will also automatically send you emails. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase any products and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If the Tour intrigues you – great! You can purchase our products directly from our website or contact us for more information on either the products or the business opportunity.


Anyone 21 years of age and older can enter.

One entry per person

No purchase necessary

Valid name, phone number and email required

OUR guests, friends, crew – anyone you wish to share this exciting offer with

YOUR friends, co-workers, acquaintances, contacts, all can enter. You do not have to have a houseboat vacation booked already.

Our  (loseweight.valentus.com) Valentus IR’s can also offer this opportunity to their potential new customers by taking a tour on their Valentus website – we do require our IR’s to forward valid entries to us.

Contest date – Jun 1, 2017 – Dec 31, 2017. Entries must be received by ­­­­­­midnight Dec 31, 2017 CST

Subject to availability in 2018 – if your desired weekend is not available you must choose one that is available.

The winner may book a houseboat 3-day weekend trip or a 4-day midweek houseboat trip on our 44’ houseboat (68′ houseboat is shown above cause it is such a great photo!) at anytime between May 18 – Sept 3, 2018, excluding dates between Jun 29 – July 2, 2018 (July long weekend) and August 3 – 6, 2018 (August long weekend).


The winner will be contacted Houseboat Adventures Inc. by email and / or telephone to announce they are the successful winner! When the winner is ready to book their prize, Houseboat Adventures Inc. will confirm their reservation by email. Houseboat Adventures Inc. 2018 Charter Policies must be adhered to, including but not limited to: Cancellation Policy, Insurance Policy, Security Deposit $1500 and Damage Deposit $500. Details are provided in HBA Inc. Charter Policies and found on the following page:



Existing Valentus customers and existing IR’s are not eligible. Your must be a New Customer or IR. You must not be registered with, or purchasing any Valentus products from another Valentus IR, or be a Pre-Enrollee with another Valentus IR, except as provided in the Contest Rules.


– I have a houseboat booked already – am I eligible to enter – YES you are. If your name is chosen for the houseboat trip and you have booked another size of houseboat, we will credit the cost of the 44’ weekend trip towards your houseboat trip.

– What if I win and I do not wish to take a houseboat trip – can I take the cash – NO, sorry no cash payment is awarded – you must take our houseboat trip, or give it to someone you know would enjoy the trip.

– What if I win and I cannot travel in 2018 – Sorry this Houseboat Adventure Inc. prize must be taken in 2018 no later than Sept 3, 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS.